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Company Overview

Visaconnection is a professional service company, providing specialized travel visa consulting and processing services to business and tourist travelers in Canada. We take pride in our ability to be flexible with your travel needs and remain in constant communication from the moment the application reaches our office to the moment the passport and visa is safely back in the applicant's hand.

Our prices are all inclusive (taxes, government fees, money order fees, etc). No additional costs, GUARANTEED.

 Our Approach

  1. Professional: We are the travel visa company others pretend to be. We are committed to the highest standard of quality in our services, respect your privacy and are committed to protect it.
  2. Efficient: Our streamlined visa application kits provide you with fees, processing times and forms.
  3. Service-oriented: Our experienced consultants know what it means to serve.
  4. Capable: We process visas to China, Russia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, India and for over 70 other countries and can easily coordinate applications with multiple embassies/consulates.
  5. Knowledgeable: We focus exclusively on visas and legalizations of the documents, and we continuously update our list of requirements
  6. Accessible: Our offices in downtown Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal  are in close proximity to Embassies and Consulates.
  7. We can assist with business and tourist invitations to Russia and other CIS countries.

To summarize, our mission is to be a friendlier agency, to excel in customer service and to stand behind our commitment to quality, speed, and results.

If you have a question or concern, we are committed to helping you in any way we can. Call us at toll free 1(877) 972-8472 or write us at to discover what we can do for you.

Addresses for our offices are listed on the CONTACT US page.

Please note that the city of Montreal has recently changed our street name for Montreal office from ‘University’ street to ‘Robert-Bourassa’ street. Our physical office location has not changed, postal code and suite numbers are still the same. Our address is 2001 Robert-Bourassa, Suite 1700, Montreal, Quebec H3A 2A6


Visaconnection - Your Global Visa Solution

Where the process begins and ends on time... EVERYTIME.






Obtenir un visa pour la Russie

Obtenir un visa pour la Russie  (Applicable pour tous les résidents du...



  Please be advised that beginning from October 3rd 2016, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is...



Please be advised that our Calgary office will temporarily stop accepting applications from March...


Obtenir un visa Russe (afin de visiter la Russie) pour les residents du Quebec

Pour visiter la Russie, le visa est obligatoire (Visa Tourisme, Visa d’affaires, visa de...


Obtenir un visa Indien pour les residents du Quebec

Pour se rendre en Inde, le visa est obligatoire (Visa Tourisme, Visa d’affaires, visa de...


Our Montreal office address has changed

Please note that the city of Montreal has recently changed our street name from...



All applicants applying in our Ottawa office: Please be advised tha all applications should be...





Our business visa and legalization services in Montreal, Quebec

Nous spécialisons dans les procédures d’obtention de visa tourisme et...



Please call for more details. Thank you.


Obtention dun visa Indien pour les residents du Quebec

Pour se rendre en Inde, le visa est obligatoire (Visa Tourisme, Visa d’affaires, visa de...

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